Is a non-profit organisation established according to §2 of  Law no. 213/1997 Z.z. Registration number VVS/NO-220/2014 from 31.1.2014.
Delivers public beneficial services, actively contributes to the building of learning society, based on the education and reduction of unemployment rate.

Education, upbringing and development of physical culture
  • Professional and organisational preparation of educational events and activities, creative and themed competitions, courses and seminars,
  • Organisation of conferences, seminars, educational programmes and trainings,
  • Editorial and publication activities, purchase and publishing of scientific and information publications, selling of publications for participants of educational programmes.
  • Creation, preparation, review, analysis and consultations of school, pedagogical documents, didactic texts, methodological materials, projects and concepts.
  • Content and organisational preparation of complementary pedagogical study for graduates of non-pedagogical courses of study and disciplines,
  • Content and organisational preparation of further education of adults.
  • Lecturing and presentation activities.
  • Professional and career counselling
Research, development, scientific and technical services and information services
  • Transfer of know-how, mainly in the area of education and counselling.
  • Mediation of innovation between scientific and research institutions, public, non-profit and private sectors.
Services to support regional development and employment
  • creation of studies, concepts, analyses in the area of social integration, employability and regional development (services aimed to the help to enter or return to the labour market through elaboration of studies, concepts, analyses and other strategic documents and through realization of projects oriented on social inclusion and employment)
  • provision of services in building of cooperation between regions and institutions active in the Slovak Republic and in The European Union, Slovak Republic and countries outside the European Union
  • provision of services in technical realization of developmental projects in the area of regional development and employment
  • services of networking and assistance with the creation of partnership and cooperation between public, private, academic and non-profit sectors, assistance in creation of clusters.
Creation, development, protection, restoring and presentation of spiritual cultural values
Protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms
Creation and protection of environment and protection of population’s health