28.-30. October 2015 – Zandvoort – Netherlands

Our Institute of Social, Professional and Career Development, non-profit organisations received the grant for participation of Maria Chaloupkova on contact seminar „Participation“.

Seminar started with general information about  the programme  Erasmus+. Then continued with „speed dating“ – quick  meeting people. We had only 5 minutes, this was noz enough for many participants, mainly when they engaged each others. It was not possible to meet all of us, for this reason it continued to the breaks. Participants could present their project ideas, their institutions, this stimulated discussions – sometimes also opposing, but definitely aimed to clarification of  the projects  they would like to add.


Topics of the working groups

  1. Volunteering,
  2. ICT,
  3. New organisation roles,
  4. Participation and health.

In all of these areas the working group prepared interesting, sometimes absolutely impressive inspiring ideas for projects. My priority  was participation in the group aimed „New organisation roles in participation“. This is about cooperation of different organisations, non-governmental, educational, self-governments, as a library, museum and other cultural institution.

Second day we elaborated the projects in our groups. Our group prepared the project proposal on work with seniors who are not involved into lifelong learning – because of low education or   social or other disadvantage.  Our new-arising partnership plans to cooperate till the submission of project application.
This day was presented the platform EPALE,  determined on information gaining, documents on adult education, but also for  discussion, presentation of own ideas and proposals, mainly for partners searching for the future projects – or mobility or strategic partnerships.

Third day participants presented their project proposals, they received feedback from the jury, from the audience –who expressed big appreciation of creative idea with big applause
I assume that the participants highly positively evaluated the organisation of this contact seminar.. Our organisation believe that this is the start of international cooperation.

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